Important Message from Our PTA  President

November 21, 2022


Hello, LRMS community,

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the loss of our principal, Karen Sinders. Mrs. Sinders died at school earlier today. In the coming days, resources will become available for your students and families should you need them. Please read the message from the school if you need more information.

Mrs. Sinders was a ferocious advocate for Lufkin Road and a clear leader for the students, faculty, and school. We at the PTA remember her as a woman of grace and a keen sense of awareness that Lufkin is not just a school but a home for many of our students.

She will be deeply missed.

- Candace Smith and the LRMS PTA


Here's What's Happening

Teacher's Lounge Makeover.png

Help Make Over the Lounge!

We are in the process of planning a big refresh for the Teacher’s Lounge. Thank you for donations so far to the process. If you have the means, the PTA has prepared a list of items we plan to use to make the lounge a place our teachers want to be. We would love for you to consider donating.  

Wish List: Click Here

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Many hands make light work! Sign up for one of our volunteer opportunities! 

At-School Helpers Sign Up Here.png

Join the Dads on Campus  Lunch Crew, supervising lunch periods a few times over the year. 

                     PLEASE NOTE                       


To volunteer on campus, you must register as a volunteer at any WCPSS school. Mrs. Seder, in the media center, can help. You only need to register with Wake County once per year. If you were an approved volunteer for the 2021-22 school year, you do not need to register this year.

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With Thanks for Your Support


Our thanks to all of the families who have reached out to express support for the Lufkin Road Middle School community, especially those who helped out during the faculty’s Thanksgiving lunch on Nov. 22. 


The holidays are always an important time to express our appreciation for teachers, staff, bus drivers, and other school personnel. In light of Mrs. Sinders’s tragic passing, we know many of you are eager to help. We’ll keep you posted about efforts that the PTA will be coordinating, and if you’d like to help us plan, please reach out to a member of the PTA Board, or our Staff Appreciation co-chairs, Beth Lavin and Rae Jobe. 

Click here for PTA Contact Info.


The PTA is an integral part of the Lufkin Road Middle School community.

We need you! 

We encourage all Lufkin parents to become members of the PTA. The dues are minimal—$6 for one parent/guardian, and $10 for a family membership. Click here for more info about membership.


Fill out our Parent/Guardian Interest Form to find out how you can help. Your help will directly impact the experience of Lufkin students, teachers, and staff.Whatever your talent, interest, or time capacity, there is something you can do to contribute.


Questions? Contact a member of the PTA Board:

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